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Ten actors and actresses who are not as valuable as before

Fame isn't a thing that lasts forever. We review the cases of ten Hollywood stars whose value has decreased in the past few years.

Matthew McConaughey: The five roles that lead to the Oscar

We take a look at the latest and best roles played by an actor whose recently awarded Oscar for 'Dallas Buyers Club' comes after he managed to take his acting career in a surprising and pleasing new direction.

A Pixar Studios tour: How the magic is done

Come and join us for an exclusive in-depth look at how Pixar movies are made. We interview Eduardo Martin, Lighting Technical Director of Pixar.

'Skyfall': The tuxedo that never gets old

Sam Mendes takes advantage of the character's half century and brings a whole homage to agent 007, with endless nods and references to the franchise history. And it's also a "all time spy movie", what else can we ask.

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Box Office UK


The Boxtrolls

1 week


02 Lucy £812,073
03 Pride £718,778
04 Sex Tape £673,478
05 A Most Wanted Man £610,312
06 Before I Go to Sleep £537,991
07 Guardians of the Galaxy £514,564
08 Let's Be Cops £477,576
09 The Hundred-Foot Journey £437,650
10 The Inbetweeners 2 £332,564

Box Office US


No Good Deed

1 week


02 Dolphin Tale 2 $15,873,397
03 Guardians of the Galaxy $8,102,358
05 Let's Be Cops $4,378,297
06 The Drop $4,104,552
07 If I Stay $3,937,176
08 The November Man $2,800,262
09 The Giver $2,572,763
10 The Hundred-Foot Journey $2,423,269
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