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12 Strong poster


Year: 2018

Country: USA

Studios: Alcon Entertainment, Black Label Media

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: January 26 2018

United States: January 19 2018


Ranking: 1,923 out of 13,391 movies (up 194)


?12 Strong? tells the true story of the first 12 soldiers tasked with fighting back following the 9/11 attacks in New York. The film, based on the book ?Horse Soldiers? by Doug Stanton, sees the 12 men volunteer to leave their homes in the US to fight in Afghanistan. Upon their arrival, the 12 realise they are seriously outnumbered and that they?re fighting a losing battle, given that they?re on horse-back whilst the enemy have tanks. The film is directed by Nicolai Fuglsig and stars talents like Chris Hemsworth, Michael Peña and Michael Shannon. ?12 Strong? focuses on the soldiers as they both plan and do battle on foreign turf with the knowledge that should they fail, give up or die, the 9/11 attack will only be the beginning in a string of incidents affecting the free world.

Cast 12 Strong

Chris Hemsworth

Captain Mitch Nelson

Michael Shannon

Chief Warrant Officer Hal Spencer

William Fichtner

Colonel Mulholland

Elsa Pataky

Mitch's wife

Michael Peña

Sgt First Class Sam Diller