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Year: 2019
Original Title: A Good Woman Is Hard to Find
Length: 97 minutes
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Distributor: Signature Entertainment
Age rating: Suitable only for adults
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: October 25 2019


Ranking: 10,415 out of 15,909 movies (up 1322)


8.5 by 1 media


Sarah (Sarah Bolger) is a single mother who recently widowed. She lives in a rough Northern Irish neighbourhood full of drug-related crimes. Sarah is still reeling from her husband's brutal death, with her young son Ben (Rudy Doherty) completely mute after seeing his father stabbed to death in front of their home. One evening, a criminal named Tito (Andrew Simpson) breaks into her house, much to the terror of Sarah and her children. Tito reveals that though he himself is a drug dealer, he steals his drugs from other dealers and is now looking for somewhere to stash them whilst his competitors, particularly the local kingpin, Leo Miller (Edward Hog), hunt for him. Sarah is frightened for the safety of her children both if she refuses Tito and if she accepts, potentially leading more drug dealers to her home. What is more, Sarah doesn't trust the authorities after their beliefs that her husband was a drug dealer stopped them from investigating his death in more detail. Sick of being knocked down by the people around her and desperate to protect her children, Sarah steps up to transform herself from meek widow to powerful matriarch. 'A Good Woman Is Hard to Find' is directed by Abner Pastoll ('Getaway Driver') and written by Ronan Blaney ('Love Bite'). The movie starred by Sarah Bolger ('In America', 'The Spiderwick Chronicles'). Hide full plot... Show full plot


Cast A Good Woman Is Hard to Find