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Year: 1957
Original Title: Witness for the Prosecution
Length: 112 minutes
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Studios: United Artists

Release Dates

United Kingdom: February 06 1958

United States: February 06 1958


Ranking: 4,645 out of 16,286 movies (up 1972)

Ranked #178 in list 'The best movies ever'


8.9 by 16 users


Leonard Vole (Tyrone Power) is a friend of old Mrs. Emily French (Norma Varden). When she is murdered, suspicion will fall on Leonard due to the inheritance that may have left Emily. And not only by heredity, plus there is enough evidence against him overwhelming. However, Leonard does not lose hope and hires Wilfrid Roberts (Charles Laughton) to take charge of his defense. Roberts is a prestigious British lawyer whom the doctor has recommended to stay away from the stress of the trials. But Roberts believes that all is not lost for Leonard. Bill Wilder's critically acclaimed film that was empty at the 1958 Oscars despite having received 6 nominations, including best film.


Cast Witness for the Prosecution

Elsa Lanchester

Elsa Lanchester

Miss Plimsoll

Charles Laughton

Charles Laughton

Sir Wilfrid

Ruta Lee

Ruta Lee


Tyrone Power

Tyrone Power

Leonard Vole