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Última hora El Gobierno desbloquea la Ley Trans y reconoce la autodeterminación de género


Year: 2007
Length: 113 minutes
Genre: Drama, Romance
Studios: Lionsgate

Release Dates

United Kingdom: August 29 2008

United States: December 21 2010


Ranking: 10,130 out of 16,400 movies (up 2555)


10.0 by 1 users


Angel Deverell reaches the age of majority in Cheshire Edwardian knowing that it will become a great writer. Rising above his social class, his mother has a grocery, Angel is an editor and a wide audience for their banal love stories. Thanks to royalties purchase a farm, where he met Esme, a parasite belonging to the local aristocracy, who is both an artist of great temperament. Angel hires Esme's sister as his personal assistant to go after him. Angel is a great egocentric that colors their world as if it were one of his novels, but when World War I breaks out and wakes from sleep, can he keep her man and his readers at once?


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