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Year: 2015

Original Title: Estar o no estar

Country: Mexico

Length: 100 minutes

Genre: Drama, Romance


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United States:


Ranking: 11,424 out of 14,666 movies (up 2410)


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Augusto loses his father and has to become the partner of his mother until her death. When you move to Tlacotalpan, it is set for the first time in women. There he meets a Ukrainian girl he begins a friendly relationship. Together they watch the days pass, and meanwhile she waits by the river the arrival of her boyfriend. The day he sees the chance to ask him a chance, returns and groom carries. In his delirious agony he is unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality. A young man whose name is Nastenka and is on the river bank? From his eyes we know his life in this delirious love story. The film is written and directed by Marcelo González.


Cast Being or Not Being