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Year: 2018
Original Title: Diana
Length: 101 minutes
Genre: Drama, Thriller


Ranking: 4,904 out of 15,370 movies (up 2220)


3.4 by 1 users

5.3 by 3 media


Sofía is a luxury escort who awakes in her bedroom at the Castillian's Mall in Madrid along with an unknown man. This stranger, which in fact is her client, notice that Sofía wears a tattoo with a name in her leg: "Diana...Is that your real name, right? The confusion takes over the flat, because he, whose name was Jano, he's not also who appears to be, because now he claims to be Hugo. In this way, the apartment becomes a witness of a puzzle in which nobody knows each other, but also they themselves don´t know who really are. Written and directed by Alejo Moreno in his first fictional movie, 'Diana' is an enigmatic drama about a prostitute and is starred by Ana Rujas, Jorge Roldán and Laura Ledesma.


Cast Diana

Ana Rujas

Ana Rujas



Trivia Diana

'Diana' is the first Alejo moreno's fiction film, after he directed 'La vida a 5 nudos' (Life at five knots)