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Year: 1930
Original Title: Zemlya
Length: 75 minutes
Genre: Drama

Release Dates

United States: October 17 1930


Ranking: 10,238 out of 16,012 movies (up 2407)


7.0 by 2 users


Earth is about death and transfiguration. A tale of generations, it begins with the death of a grandfather in an orchard, surrounded by his family and loved ones. This peaceful death gives way to a tumultuous present for his son Opanas and grandson Vasily. Kulaks, a class of wealthy landowners, begin appropriating the land of unbounded farmers. Influenced by communism, Vasily leads a youth movement to form collectivized farming in Ukraine, coming in conflict with his rival Khoma. In its embrace of death as a process of change, Earth endows a spiritual vision on the end of a way of life.