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Good Boys
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Title: Good Boys

Original Title: Good Boys

Year: 2019


Release Dates

  • UK: August 16 2019
  • United States: August 16 2019


The self-proclaimed 'Beanbag Boys', made up of 6th graders Max (Jacob Tremblay, 'Wonder'), Thor (Brady Noon, 'Boardwalk Empire') and Lucas (Keith L. Williams, 'The Last Man on Earth'), are sick of being your stereotypical little angels. At 12-years-old, they feel it's time to start barreling towards adolescence without a backwards glance, which for Max means attending a party hosted by the cool kids at which he's assured there will be "kissing", giving him a chance to make a move on his crush, Brixlee (Millie Davis, 'Orphan Black'). To prepare themselves for their new tween lives, they decide to investigate a world of drugs and puppy love that grosses them out and highlights their naivety about the world they're desperate to be a part of.

However, their plan threatens to be derailed when the trio break a drone owned by Max's father (Will Forte, 'Nebraska') whilst trying to spy on two teenage girls down the street, Hannah and Lily (Molly Gordon, 'Booksmart' & Midori Francis, 'The Birch'). If they don't replace it by the time Max's father returns from a work trip, Max will be grounded and his kissing party plan will be a lost cause.

'Good Boys' is a coming-of-age comedy directed by Gene Stupnitsky ('The Office') and written by Stupnitsky alongside Lee Eisenberg ('Hello Ladies').



Gene Stupnitsky Gene Stupnitsky


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'Good Boys' trailer

July 3 2019


Good Boys
Good Boys
Good Boys
Good Boys
Good Boys
Good Boys
Good Boys
Good Boys


Jacob Tremblay and Millie Davis

Jacob Tremblay and Millie Davis previously worked together in Wonder (2017).

Young friends

Jacob Tremblay and Millie Davis had already shared screen in 'Wonder' (2017)

'The 40 Year-old Virgin' Set

The scene at the mall is the same place where 'The 40 Year-old Virgin' was filmed and the same electronics store was used in one scene when they were getting a new Drone.

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