La vida alegre

La vida alegre
Poster La vida alegre

Title: La vida alegre

Original Title: La vida alegre

Year: 1987


  • Country: Spain
  • Length: 92 Minutes (1 hour 32 min)
  • Genre: Comedy


Ana (Veronica Forqué) and Antonio (Antonio Resines) are a couple who begin to have marital problems for work. He is a renowned doctor who has been working in the Ministry of Health and waits for a coveted promotion. Meanwhile, Ana decides to open a consultation for patients with sexually transmitted diseases, an idea that her husband is opposed from the start. There, the protagonist meet all kinds of quirky individuals, such as Rosi prostitute or Manolo militant gay movement. Meanwhile, Antonio becomes involved in a love dalliance with his secretary Carolina (Ana Obregon), which will only bring trouble. Film directed by Fernando Colomo ('Rivales', 'Isla Bonita') and starring Veronica Forqué, Antonio Resines, Ana Obregón, Massiel, Guillermo Montesinos and Miguel Rellán.



Fernando Colomo Fernando Colomo

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