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Year: 1964
Original Title: Lilith
Length: 114 minutes
Genre: Drama, Romance
Studios: Columbia Pictures
Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics
Age rating: Suitable only for adults

Release Dates

United Kingdom: September 20 1966

United States: September 27 1964


Ranking: 11,985 out of 15,105 movies (up 1013)


10.0 by 1 users


Directed by Robert Rossen, it is the latest feature by the director of 'The Hustler'. Starring Warren Beatty and Jean Seberg. Vincent Bruce is a troubled ex-soldier who, after returning to his hometown, Maryland, working as an occupational therapist in the mental institution of Maryland. It is a center for rich people. There he meets Lilith, a young woman who suffers from schizophrenia and that captivates with an enigmatic beauty. Vincent also falls victim of the attraction and begins a strange relationship with her that escalate to achieve empathize very well. However, the relationship starts between the two trigger a series of events in which Vincent will be able to lie and betray with the sole intention not to lose it. Gradually, madness and sanity are joining, Lilith brings to Vincent toward an abyss from which it will be very difficult to escape. Hide full plot... Show full plot


Cast Lilith

Warren Beatty

Warren Beatty

Vincent Bruce

Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg

Lilith Arthur

Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda

Stephen Evshevsky

Kim Hunter

Kim Hunter

Dr. Bea Brice