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Year: 1939
Original Title: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Length: 129 minutes
Genre: Drama
Studios: Columbia Pictures

Release Dates

United States: October 19 1939


Ranking: 5,594 out of 15,625 movies (up 251)


9.0 by 4 users


Political power-brokers decide that Jefferson Smith, an obscure scoutmaster in a small town, would be the perfect dupe to fill a vacant U.S. Senate chair, assuming he would be easily controlled by the senior state senator. Stewart's wide-eyed wonderment at the glories of Washington feels like an act to his cynical secretary, who doesn't believe for a minute this overgrown boyscout could be for real. But he is. Congress didn't appreciate the portrayal of their august body as being cynical, corrupt and absorbed by their own self-interest, but audiences sure did.


Cast Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

James Stewart

James Stewart

Jefferson Smith

Jean Arthur

Jean Arthur

Clarissa Saunders

Edward Arnold

Edward Arnold

Jim Taylor

Beulah Bondi

Beulah Bondi

Ms. Smith