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Year: 2017
Original Title: My Friend Dahmer
Length: 107 minutes
Genre: Biography, Drama, Horror
Studios: Aperture Entertainment
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: June 01 2018

United States: November 03 2017


Ranking: 691 out of 16,397 movies (up 210)


7.0 by 1 users

9.0 by 1 media


Jeff Dahmer is an out-of-place teenager who struggles, like all young people his age, to make a living and survive high school with a family life that leaves little to be desired from how deep it is. She spends her time picking up run over animals, focusing on a corridor in her neighborhood and facing her unstable and emotional mother and her good-hearted father. As time goes by, his attitude in the institute changes to worse and little by little it is creating a fame that causes that some boys join their group, The Dahmer Fan Club, directed by Derf Backderf. However, this will have terrible consequences for Dahmer, who will see how the date of his graduation is approaching and the little control he will end up having on himself.


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Trivia My Friend Dahmer

'My Friend Dahmer' was filmed in Jeffery Dahmer's actual childhood home in Bath, Ohio. Revere High school he went to was going to be used for the movie as well, but the school rejected the offer. When Ross got the role, his insecurity kicked in making him feel like he would ruin the movie. After 18 hours of filming, Ross would take a shower for 30+ minutes and just think about his dark role that he's portraying.