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ÚLTIMA HORA Aparece el cadáver de Laura Luelmo, la maestra desaparecida en Huelva


Year: 2016

Original Title: Native

Country: UK

Length: 86 minutes

Genre: Science fiction, Drama


Suitable for 12 years and over

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: February 23 2018

United States: February 23 2018


Ranking: 8,248 out of 14,673 movies (up 1008)


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A mysterious transmission has been perceived by the satellites of the earth and everything seems to point out that the signal comes from somewhere in space very far from our galaxy. After several speculations about the transmission, a group of scientists decide to start a mission to find the source of the signal that is suspected of having an alien origin. There will be two scientists who finally venture into the depths of space, and during their journey, as time passes and darkness and the depth of space looms over them, they will see how the isolation began to affect them mentally.


Cast Native