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Year: 2012
Original Title: Oh Boy
Length: 83 minutes
Genre: Drama
Studios: Warner Bros. Pictures

Release Dates

United Kingdom: January 17 2013


Ranking: 5,196 out of 16,014 movies (up 2458)


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Niko is in his late twenties and has broken a long time ago to study law. He lives from day to day, drifts through the streets of Berlin and is amazed at the people around him. With quiet curiosity, he watched them in coping with everyday life and not noticed, as he is an outsider. But suddenly Niko will be overtaken by reality and face the consequences of his inaction: his girlfriend Julika draws a line, a psychologist certifies him "emotional imbalance" that his father it turns the money supply and in the city there seems to be no ordinary coffee. And still appears a strange beauty and confronted him with the common past, the day takes a surprising turn...


Cast Oh Boy

Tom Schilling

Tom Schilling

Niko Fischer