Playmobil: The Movie

Playmobil: The Movie
Poster Playmobil: The Movie

Title: Playmobil: The Movie

Original Title: Playmobil: The Movie

Year: 2019


Release Dates

  • UK: August 09 2019
  • United States: November 22 2019


Marla (Anya Taylor-Joy, 'Peaky Blinders') is a recent high-school graduate living in Brooklyn but eager to explore the rest of the world, despite her reluctance to leave behind her little brother, Charlie (Gabriel Bateman), to whom she is extremely close. When their parents pass away in a car crash, Marla steps up as Charlie's guardian and replaces her adventure-seeking, fearless demeanor with a strict, immovable one. When Charlie runs away to a toy convention, an anxious Marla hastily gives chase. Strangely, along the way the two siblings are thrown into the Playmobil universe in which they become figures themselves. Charlie is quickly separated from his sister and abducted by the ambitious and cruel Roman emperor Maximus (Adam Lambert, 'Glee'). Marla, assisted by her newfound sidekicks, the wisecracking Del (Jim Gaffigan, 'Bob's Burgers') and dimwitted secret agent Rex Dasher (Daniel Radcliffe, 'Harry Potter', 'What If?'), must find her way back to her little brother in the wake of the tragedy that hit their family years earlier.

'Playmobil: The Movie' is directed by Lino DiSalvo ('Frozen', 'Bolt') and is written by Blaise Hemingway ('Age of Sail'), Greg Erb ('The Princess and the Frog'), Jason Oremland ('The Princess and the Frog') and Michael LaBash ('Glago's Guest').



Lino DiSalvo Lino DiSalvo


Playmobil: The Movie
Playmobil: The Movie
Playmobil: The Movie
Playmobil: The Movie
Playmobil: The Movie
Playmobil: The Movie
Playmobil: The Movie
Playmobil: The Movie


The Pagemaster

The movie keeps connections with 'The Pagemaster'

The Graham Norton Show

In 'The Graham Norton Show', Daniel Radcliffe, actor who contributes his voice in this film, spoke for the first time about the arrival of this film while he was accompanied by Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, Mabel and Jodie Comer.

Recognized parents

'Weird Al' Yankovic and Lauren Graham said that they would appear as Marla and Charlie's parents while they were in the real world.

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