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Year: 2018
Original Title: The Outsider
Length: 120 minutes
Genre: Drama, Crime, Mistery
Studios: Waypoint Entertainment
Distributor: Netflix
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: February 28 2018

United States: March 09 2018


Ranking: 5,343 out of 16,592 movies (up 1648)


5.2 by 1 users

1.0 by 1 media



Cast The Outsider

Jared Leto

Jared Leto

Nick Lowell

Emile Hirsch

Emile Hirsch

Paulie Bowers

Rory Cochrane

Rory Cochrane

Anthony Panetti



Trivia The Outsider

At one point, Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike was slated to direct the film with Tom Hardy on the titular role. However, they both dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. Jeremy Renner was considered as a replacement before Jared Leto was cast. Michael Fassbender was considered to star in the film when Daniel Espinosa was in talks to direct. Jared Leto grew out his hair and beard for most of 2016 to prepare for the role of Nick Lowell and have the appearance of an American prisoner of war.