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Year: 2008
Original Title: Die Welle
Length: 101 minutes
Genre: Drama, Suspense
Studios: Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH, eOne Films
Age rating: Suitable only for 15 years and over

Release Dates

United Kingdom: September 19 2008

United States: May 27 2011


Ranking: 3,196 out of 16,430 movies (up 624)

Ranked #577 in list 'The best movies ever'


7.4 by 36 users


Germany today. During a project week, high school teacher Rainer Wenger comes up with an experiment in order to explain to his students how totalitarian governments work. A role-playing game with tragic results begins. Within a few days, what began as harmless notions, like discipline and community, builds into a real movement: The Wave. By the third day, the students start ostracizing and threatening others. When the conflict finally erupts into violence at an intramural water polo game, the teacher decides to break off the experiment. But it's too late. The Wave is out of control.

Cast The Wave

Frederick Lau

Frederick Lau

Tim Stoltefuss

Jürgen Vogel

Jürgen Vogel

Rainer Wegner