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Year: 1952

Original Title: The World in His Arms

Length: 104 minutes

Genre: Adventure, Action, History

Studios: Universal Pictures

Release Dates

United States: October 09 1952


Ranking: 5,109 out of 14,737 movies (up 211)


10.0 by 1 users


Captain Jonathan Clark poaches seal pelts off the coast of Russian-owned Alaska. However, the real danger begins upon returning to San Francisco where he falls for a countess fleeing from her engagement to a greedy Russian prince. When Clark learns of her kidnapping, he sets sail ? amid gale force winds and treacherous seas ? on a harrowing race to rescue his lady love and beat his longtime rival.


Cast The World in His Arms

Gregory Peck

Gregory Peck

Capt. Jonathan Clark

Ann Blyth

Ann Blyth

Countess Marina Selanova

Anthony Quinn

Anthony Quinn


John McIntire

John McIntire

Deacon Greathouse

Carl Esmond

Carl Esmond

Prince Semyon