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Year: 2014
Original Title: Yôkai Watch: Tanjô no himitsuda nyan
Length: 97 minutes
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Action
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Ranking: 981 out of 16,375 movies (up 1603)


6.3 by 3 users


The hidden world of Yo-kai is formed of spirits of all shapes that go unseen by most of human eyes. But not for Nate Adams, a boy who can not only see them but he can be their friend as well. The key is the Yo-kai Watch, a special watch that he can use to be friends with the Yo-kai he finds and calling on them to help him with fights against most aggresive spirits. One day he wakes up and finds his watch is missing as his memories with the Yo-kai. The evil Yo-kai Kin y Gin stole Nate's watch in order to help their master to avoid the contact between humans and the Yo-kai. At the point where the chaos threatens the fate of the entire world, Nate discovers his own grandfather was the first creator of the Yu-kai watch and in a race against the clock he will try to create a new one to save the world and the Yo-kai world.



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