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Dylan O'Brien and Ed O'Niell ('Modern Family') Play Soulmates in New Series, 'Weird City'

Jadzia Samuel Friday 15 February 2019

This undeniably is a very strange pairing... Stiles from 'Teen Wolf' together with Al Bundy from 'Married with Kids', or perhaps Thomas from 'Maze Runner' with Jay Pritchett from 'Modern Family'? These two men could be father and son, or even grandfather and grandson, but in the new series, 'Weird City', available for streaming on YouTube, Dylan O'Brien and Ed O'Neill portray this unlikely romantic couple.

Weird City

The stand-alone first episode is titled 'The One' and is set in a future society in which a billion dollar business helps people to find their soulmate via a DNA test and a strange questionnaire. It is through this company that Stu and Burt meet (even though neither one is actually gay at the start of the episode), as according to the test results they are made for each other. And after a first date they see that they do indeed get on very well. On the second date the real fun happens and the pair end up in bed, leading to the least anticipated post-coitus scene in cinematic history.

And what happens next? You'll have to watch the half-hour long episode to find out more. Written by Charlie Sanders and Jordan Peele, and directed by Adam Bernstein, it is available on YouTube now.

The 'Black Mirror' of YouTube

'Weird City' finds itself among YouTube's original content section alongside other series such as 'Cobra Kai' and 'Wayne'. This science fiction series is reminiscent of series such as 'Black Mirror' or 'Dimension 404', but has a far lighter tone thanks to the humour of the creators: Oscar winning Jordan Peele (who won Best Script for 'Get Out') and Charlie Sanders.

The cast is different in each episode but is full of well-known names. As well as O'Brien and O'Neill, actors such as Michael Cera ('Juno'), Levar Burton ('Roots'), Laverne Cox ('Orange is the New Black'), Rosario Dawson ('Luke Cage') and Yvette Nicole Brown ('Community') all feature in the series. Forbes describes it as a "very, very silly show", but silliness can be fun, right? You'll have to give it a go to know for sure.

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