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Year: 1973
Original Title: Badlands
Length: 94 minutes
Genre: Crime, Drama
Studios: Warner Bros. Pictures
Age rating: Suitable only for adults

Release Dates

United Kingdom: December 19 1974

United States: October 15 1973


Ranking: 12,092 out of 16,014 movies (up 1797)


7.1 by 3 users


Holly is a young girl, who living in a village in the middle of the West. She lives with her father, who is a famous painter in the village. During her stay in town, she meets Kit, a man who looks like a twin of James Dean , he cannot find a job and he doesn't established on any site . Holly falls madly in love with him. Holly 's father opposes this relationship and Kit kills him. This event will lead the young couple to make some bloody situations, the town will try to kill them. 'Badlands' is inspired by real events .


Cast Badlands