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Year: 2016

Original Title: Mugen no jûnin

Country: Japan

Length: 140 minutes

Genre: Action, Drama


Distributor: Arrow Films

Suitable only for adults

Release Dates

United Kingdom: December 08 2017

United States: November 03 2017


Ranking: 11,798 out of 14,471 movies (up 844)


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His argument, based on Hiroaki Samura's manga, follows Manji, a samurai who has been cursed with immortality after a mythical battle. Overwhelmed by the brutal murder of his sister, Manji knows that only the fight against evil will regain his soul. This is why he promises to help Rin avenge his parents, who were killed by a group of swordsman teachers led by the evil Anotsu.


Cast Blade of the immortal

Erika Toda

Erika Toda

Makie Otono-Tachibana

Hana Sugisaki

Hana Sugisaki

Rin Asano / Machi, Hermana de Manji

Sota Fukushi

Sota Fukushi

Anotsu Kagehisa

Kazuki Kitamura

Kazuki Kitamura

Sabato Kuroi