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Year: 1985
Original Title: Death Wish 3
Length: 92 minutes
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Studios: Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Age rating: Suitable only for adults

Release Dates

United States: November 01 1985


Ranking: 3,143 out of 15,990 movies (up 1692)


8.5 by 3 users


Paul Kersey doesn't seek out violence. It just seems to find him. But when it does he's not about to back down! Charles Bronson brings out the heavy artillery in this gun-blazing, no-holds-barred thriller! Road-worn and battle-weary, Kersey longs to leave his fighting days behind him. But when he arrives in New York to visit an old friend, he finds him brutally attacked and gasping for breath in a pool of blood! Now the silent avenger must wage war once more on the city's punks, thugs and hoodlums. But this time he's brought a small arsenal of guns, knives and even a bazooka to help him.


Cast Death Wish 3

Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson

Paul Kersey

Ed Lauter

Ed Lauter

Richard Shriker

Deborah Raffin

Deborah Raffin

Kathryn Davis