Blade Runner

Blade Runner
Poster Blade Runner

Title: Blade Runner

Original Title: Blade Runner

Year: 1982


Release Dates

  • UK: September 09 1982
  • United States: June 25 1982


Based on the Philip K. Dick's story, 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?', the movie 'Blade Runner' takes place in a futurist recreation of Los Angeles, in 2019. During this epoch, Tyrell Corporation, making use of the progress of genetic engineering, had created to the Replicants (or Nexus 6), some robots with human appearance which have only for years of life expectancy. These robots are camouflage with real people. As result of this, the police starts to have an special unit form by Blade Runners, and their mission is remove to the Replicants. Now, come a time in which Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), an ex Blade Runner, comes back his usual work for orders to the worst escape of Replicants that has had in Earth until now.



Ridley Scott Ridley Scott



Blade Runner
Blade Runner
Blade Runner
Blade Runner
Blade Runner
Blade Runner
Blade Runner
Blade Runner


Daryl Hannah

The makeup of Daryl Hannah is inspired on the character of Nosferatu.

Rachel's number

'555-7583' is the telephone number of Rachel

Changes with respect to the book

Many changes exists between the book and the movie based on his. For example, the events inside of the book happens in 1992 or in the book doesn't use the word 'Replicants' just they are only androids.

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