Entre dos aguas

Entre dos aguas
Poster Entre dos aguas

Title: Entre dos aguas

Original Title: Entre dos aguas

Year: 2018



'Between two waters' tells the story of two gypsy brothers: Isra and Cheíto. Isra is in jail for drug trafficking while Cheíto is in the Navy. Cheíto has just completed a mission that has taken him through Somalia and the Seychelles, when his brother Isra is released from prison. The two decide to return to San Fernando, while the reunion of both makes the memory of the violent death of his father flourish again when they were children. Continuation of the film 'The Legend of Time', which takes up the story of Isra and Cheíto twelve years later. Isra will return to San Fernando's island in order to recover his wife and three daughters, although the situation of unemployment in the region will be an impediment to survive without breaking the law.


  • 2019 Goya Awards: 2 0


Isaki Lacuesta Isaki Lacuesta



Entre dos aguas
Entre dos aguas
Entre dos aguas

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