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Year: 1983
Original Title: Octopussy
Length: 131 minutes
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Studios: United Artists
Distributor: United Artists

Release Dates

United Kingdom: June 07 1983

United States: June 10 1983


Ranking: 13,101 out of 16,035 movies (up 157)


6.9 by 2 users


In his new mission, James Bond (Roger Moore) will go to the circus. A British agent is murdered and found holding a Fabrege egg tightly. The egg is bought at an auction by Kamal Kahn but Bond starts to suspect this man is involved in some criminal plan when he meets up with the Russian general Orlov. Very soon Bond finds out that the two men are planning on blowing an American air base with some nuclear device. Bond will have to be very cunning and quick if he is to stop these to criminals from the devastating act they are about to commit and try to avoid World War Three. In this James Bond film with Roger Moore we can expect evil villains who only want power and many action scenes that will have the audience on the end of their seat.


Cast Octopussy