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Year: 2018

Original Title: Peterloo

Country: UK

Genre: Drama, History

Studios: Film4, British Film Institute

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: November 02 2018

United States: November 09 2018


Ranking: 7,126 out of 14,674 movies (up 945)


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Distributed by Amazon Studios and directed by Mike Leigh ('Mr. Turner'), there are tolded the events that took place at the Peterloo Massacre in St. Peter's Field, Manchester, England. On August 16, 1819 a crowd of people gathered to demand parliamentary reform and the extension of the right to vote. Due to the attempted arrest of a representative of the meeting, the armed militants of the government attacked the crowd, in a meeting that should have been peaceful, but it wasn't. There are 15 casualties and up to 700 injured people. This protest led to the 'Manchester Guardian Foundation', which played an important role in the subsequent years with the approval of the Reform Law. These events are narrated in the film to mark the anniversary of the massacre that took place.