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Year: 2020
Original Title: Samaritan
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Science fiction
Studios: Metro Goldwyn Mayer


Ranking: 3,752 out of 16,172 movies (up 2835)


'Samaritan' will be the first film starring Sylvester Stallone after her famous role in the last film of Rambo, 'Rambo: Last Blood'. On this occasion, he will put aside his military luggage and play a superhero who had already retired 20 years ago, but who will still have followers. For his character, Javon ?Wanna Walton? ('Euphoria') will play the other protagonist, a boy who will want to discover if that hero is still alive or, indeed, died after his disappearance. Based on an original script by Bragi F. Schut ('Escape Room') the story will go into the relationship that is formed between the protagonists and that mixes the feelings of a child excited to meet his idol compared to the idol in question , already away from the spotlights. Sylvester Stallone himself is also responsible for producing this film with his personal producer Balboa Productions. On the other hand, behind the cameras we find the director of 'Overlord' Julius Avery. 'Samaritan' will become his third feature film, which gives a hint of the tone that the film can reach. To complete the rest of the cast we find faces known as Martin Starr ('Silicon Valley'), Pilou Asbæk ('Game of Thrones'), Dascha Polanco (' Orange is the new black) and Moises Arias ('Hannah Montana') .


Cast Samaritan

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Despite being an original script, it is inspired by the stories of 'The Protected' and 'Discovering Forrester'.