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ÚLTIMA HORA Un muerto y varios heridos en un tiroteo en Utrecht


Year: 2018
Length: 92 minutes
Genre: Drama
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: May 11 2018

United States:


Ranking: 4,300 out of 14,944 movies (up 594)


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'That good night' based on the play by NJ Crisp, focuses on terminally ill, screenplay writer Ralph. The film marks John Hurts last lead performance before he sadly passed away in January of 2017. Ralph, now in his seventies, is terminally ill, and wishes to make up with his estranged son before his time is up. On top of that, at the back of his mind is the fear that he?ll end up becoming for a burden for his wife. Enter The Visitor, an individual whose services Ralph hires in order to undergo euthanasia. Things don't exactly go to plan however, much to Ralph's initial chagrin, and he lives to see another day, seeing the life he'd be leaving behind. The film is directed by Eric Styles and also stars Sofia Helin, Max Brown and Erin Richards.

Cast That good night

John Hurt

John Hurt


Max Brown

Max Brown


Charles Dance

Charles Dance

The Visitor

Tiago Aldeia

Tiago Aldeia

Mr Suarez - The Hatter


Trivia That good night

This film is the final leading role of Sir John Hurt.