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Disney Might Be Planning a Live Action Remake of 'Nightmare Before Christmas'

Jadzia Samuel Monday 11 February 2019

Disney has continually bombarded us with live action remakes of their classic films over the past few years and they show no sign of stopping. In 2015 we saw 'Cinderella', followed by 'The Jungle Book' and 'Beauty and the Beast' in the following years. Now we are expecting 'Aladdin', 'Dumbo', and 'The Lion King', all within a few short months of each other. Therefore,

it is no strange feat to imagine that these new rumours about the potential remake of 'Nightmare Before Christmas' may have some base in reality.

Moviehole assures readers that one of their sources has heard communication from Disney that they are considering remaking Henry Selick's cult classic stop-and-go animation film. According to the report, Disney are thinking about returning to the Halloween world in some way, be it in a sequel or a remake. Despite the fact that this has not been officially confirmed, fan speculations have been pretty accurate in the past few years.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Of course, this does not mean that Tim Burton's story is going to be returning soon, as even with speculations it all may come to nothing. Many fans of the classic might have a thing or two to say about the idea of a remake of the beautifully made original, but hopefully if something does come of these rumours, Disney will tread carefully on the much-loved ground of Halloween Town.

The Existing Sequel

While fans may be divided about the prospect of seeing an onscreen continuation of 'Nightmare Before Christmas', the story has already been continued in a series of official comics published in 2018 by TokyoPop, titled 'Zero's Journey', in which they follow the adventures of Jack's faithful dog. Perhaps a film sequel would use the comics as a basis...

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