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Year: 2018

Original Title: Campeones

Country: Spain

Length: 100 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sports

Studios: Morena Films, Movistar Plus

Release Dates

United States:


Ranking: 11 out of 14,325 movies (up 12)

Ranked #276 in list 'The best movies ever'

Ranked #41 in list 'The best comedies'


7.8 by 29 users

6.0 by Movie'n'co

7.0 by 2 media


Marco is not exactly at his best right now. This basketball trainer has too many personal and professional problems, which are killing all his motivation in life. It all overflows during a League match, when he ends up fighting another trainer. Marco loses his job and in the middle of a drunkeness, he suffers a car accident, that will get him a model fine: He will become the trainer of a basketball team for people with a mental disability. The perspective is not Marco's cup of tea, but he will soon realize that he has a lot to learn from this strange group. The film is written and co-written by Javier Fesser ('Camino'), and the cast is led by Javier Gutierréz. He is accompanied by names like Sergio Olmos or Jesús Lago.


Cast Campeones


Trivia Campeones

The shooting of 'Champions' lasted over 9 weeks through various locations in Madrid and surrounding areas, as well as in the province of Huelva.