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Title: Fast X

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Year: 2023



The Fast family run comes to its long end. 'Fast & Furious X' will be the penultimate film of Dominic Toretto and the entire oil gang. The group of runners has faced innumerable challenges, very small compared to the new adventure that they will have to live.

The germ of this new dispute comes from a well-known boss, Hernán Reyes. After beating the patriarch of the Kings in Rio de Janeiro in 'Fast & Furious 5' the family thought they could rest easy, but they were wrong. Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa), the son of the drug trafficker, saw everything they did and has been preparing his revenge for more than a decade.

Dante's cunning will divide the pilots across the globe: Los Angeles, Rome, Brazil, Portugal and even Antarctica. Nothing has been able to beat Dom and his certainty that everything will be fine, however, things change when suddenly you are not the target, but your nine-year-old son.

Thirty years ago since the first headlights dazzled an audience that grew as more deliveries came out. Several directors have been in charge of this saga: James Wan, F. Gary Gray, David Leitch and Justin Lin. The one who has been in that place the most times is Lin, who on this time chooses to write with Zach Dean and Dan Mazeau, instead of directing it.



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'Fast X' Super Bowl Spot 1:10

'Fast X' Super Bowl Spot

February 13 2023


Fast X
Fast X
Fast X
Fast X
Fast X
Fast X
Fast X
Fast X


A long end

'Fast X' is the beginning of the end of the road. The 'Fast & Furious' saga will end with two films and this is the first of them.

Fist look

The first trailer for 'Fast & Furious X' was released in the final of the Super Bowl 2023

In fashion

Jason Momoa asked that his nail polish be the same color as his bike.

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