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Year: 2021
Original Title: Jurassic World 3
Genre: Science fiction
Studios: Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment
Distributor: Universal Pictures

Release Dates

United Kingdom: June 11 2021

United States: June 11 2021


Ranking: 1,468 out of 14,838 movies (up 1259)


Third installment of the saga 'Jurassic World', which will again have Colin Trevorrow and Steven Spielberg as executive producers and script co-written by Trevorrow himself and Emily Carmichael, responsible for the script of films like 'Pacific Rim: Insurrection'. The producers Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley will also return to be behind this third installment of 'Jurassic World' that has been defined by Trevorrow as the final film of this new trilogy.