My Great Night

My Great Night
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Title: My Great Night

Original Title: Mi gran noche

Year: 2015



Álex de la Iglesia's new and crazy film is called 'My Great Night'. The 'Common Wealth' director gathers again a very crowded cast in the shooting of a TV special for New Years Eve, and everything is going very bad. Things are getting desperate. The crew remains a week locked in a studio in the middle of August, pretending over and over again that the new year has just arrived. When Jose (Pepón Nieto) arrives, everybody is on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Why the temporary job company had to call him for this particular job? Meanwhile, behind the stage, we assist to a legendary ego fight between Alphonso (Raphael), an music legend who will do anything to be the only star of the show, and Adanne (Mario Casas), the new teenage heartthrob. It seems like everything that can go wrong will go wrong, and on top of that, the channel is threatened to be next to its death. A New Years Eve party that no one would forget. 'My Great Night' has Raphael, Mario Casas, Blanca Suárez, Pepón Nieto, Carolina Bang, Hugo Silva, Santiago Segura, Antonio Velázquez, Carlos Fernández, Luis Fernández, Carmen Machi, Enrique Villén, Terele Páviz, Carmen Ruiz and Ana Polvorosa as the main stars.


  • 2016 Goya Awards: 4 0
  • 2016 Feroz Awards: 4 1



'Mi gran noche' trailer 1:38

'Mi gran noche' trailer

August 13 2015


My Great Night
My Great Night
My Great Night
My Great Night
My Great Night
My Great Night
My Great Night
My Great Night


The film's title is taken from the popular song by Raphael. Mi gran noche is included in the album Digan lo que digan (1968) and was a version by Adamo. The lyrics of My Big Night was written especially for Raphael and meant a great success in his career.

Director Alex de la Iglesia seeks to recover "the spirit of the comedies of the sixties, with many actors, persecution and tension, those really funny movies".

The actor and singer Raphael returns to the big screen 40 years after the last film in which he starred. Despite having been tempted many times, he had always said no, until Alex de la Iglesia gave him a script, that was what he was looking for.

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