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Última hora El universo del Batman de Robert Pattinson se expandirá con una serie de HBO


Year: 1946
Original Title: Paisà
Length: 125 minutes
Genre: Drama

Release Dates

United Kingdom: June 07 1948

United States: March 29 1948


Ranking: 12,092 out of 16,014 movies (up 1797)


7.3 by 1 users


Six separate episodes with the common bond of advancing Allied troops in Italy during the Second World War, from the invasion of July 1943 until the winter of 1944. A woman leads a group of Allied soldiers through a minefield and dies while trying to protect one of them. A street urchin steals an American soldier who pursues him to a shanty town. A soldier meets a woman the same day that Rome is released and six months later they meet again, he is a cynical and she is a prostitute. An American nurse travels across the Arno in the middle of the German fire to find the partisan of who is in love. Three chaplains, one Jewish, take refuge in a monastery at the north of the Apennines. Allied soldiers and a partisan attempt to escape through the swamps of the river Po.