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'Knives Out': Twitter hate from 'Star Wars' fans inspired Rian Johnson's latest release

Jessica Waugh Monday 04 November 2019

After the release of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', Rian Johnson had to turn to Twitter to face up to fans who were enraged with his directorial contribution to the franchise, with some even starting a petition asking Lucasfilm to strike 'The Last Jedi' from the 'Star Wars' saga.

The Twitter hate directed at Rian Johnson over 'The Last Jedi' inspired 'Knives Out'

Like any storyteller worth their salt, Johnson harnessed this difficult experience in the making of his new film, 'Knives Out', in which one of the characters, Jacob Thrombey (played by Jaeden Martell) constantly tweets hate rants. "Anyone who's on Twitter these days, God bless you because it's rough waters out there, but there's also wonderful stuff about it", said the director at Deadline's The Contender in Los Angeles. "That's why we're all still on it I guess. That's one of the things 'Knives Out' engages with, the current state of online culture. Whether you made a 'Star Wars' movie or you have a cooking show, whatever you're doing on there, someone's going to be screaming at you about it probably. Let's put it on a screen in a way we can all maybe have a laugh about it".

In spite of this negative experience, Johnson has confirmed that he remains in contact with Lucasfilm and is lined up to make more films within the famous saga, although no more news has been released as of late.

All there is to know about 'Knives Out'

The latest film by Johnson is inspired by the cinematic adaptations of the works by the inimitable Agatha Christie, but in this case, the director wanted to set the action in the modern world with every technological device imaginable at the characters' fingertips. "What we try and do is place it in modern day. That for me meant not just skinning it with cell phones, modern cars and music. That meant actually plugging it into 2019. We do character types who are slight caricatures of the type Agatha Christie used to do but with people who for better or worse you could only meet in 2019", explains Johnson.

The film, which will arrive in cinemas on the 27th November, begins with the death of a critically-acclaimed mystery novelist that the detective Benoit Blanc is enlisted to investigate. Blanc will have to scrutinise the various members of the victim's family, each of whom will not hesitate to stab each other in the back. Knives out, folks.

The cast, led by Daniel Craig as Benoit Black, is also formed by Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Katherine Langford and Michael Shannon amongst other names tasked with bringing Johnson's social media inspired vision to the screen.

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