Drive-Away Dolls

Drive-Away Dolls
Poster Drive-Away Dolls

Title: Drive-Away Dolls

Original Title: Drive-Away Dolls

Year: 2023


Release Dates

  • UK: March 15 2024
  • United States: February 23 2024


Written by Ethan Coen and Tricia Cooke. 'Drive-away Dolls' is a comedy that follows the story of Jamie, an uninhibited free spirit who regrets breaking up with his girlfriend, and his demure friend Marian, who is desperately looking to get out of control. In search of a fresh start, the two friends embark on a road trip to Tallahassee, but things go awry when they cross paths with some idiot criminals.

A mysterious man is chased down an alley. He tries to hide from someone who is chasing him while he is carrying a briefcase. But his fate is tragic. The object of desire, the briefcase of which we do not know that he is carrying, ends up in the trunk of a rental car. When some thugs go to pick up the car, they see that it has been rented by two young girls. And so a race will begin between the two groups, some in search of the precious treasure, and others trying to flee from the people who are interested in what they have in the car. Chases, fights, shots, policemen, criminals and a lot of humor come together in the new Ethan Coen film.

The film features Margaret Qualley as the lead. Among her works as an actress is the Netflix series 'The Maid'. The cast is completed by Geraldine Viswanathan, Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal or Beanie Feldstein, among others. 'Two Girls on the Run' opens in our theaters on February.



Ethan Coen Ethan Coen



Drive-Away Dolls
Drive-Away Dolls
Drive-Away Dolls
Drive-Away Dolls
Drive-Away Dolls
Drive-Away Dolls
Drive-Away Dolls
Drive-Away Dolls



This is the first time Ethan Coen directed Matt Damon since 'True Grit'.


Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal previously starred in 'The Adjustment Bureau' and 'The Great Wall' together.


The first film directed by Ethan Coen without the involvement of his brother Joel Coen.

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