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Year: 1978
Original Title: Midnight Express
Length: 121 minutes
Genre: Drama, Crime, History
Studios: Columbia Pictures
Age rating: Suitable only for adults

Release Dates

United States: October 06 1978


Ranking: 1,968 out of 16,013 movies (up 1431)

Ranked #444 in list 'The best movies ever'


8.6 by 10 users


With the Turkish government trying to crack down on drugs, terrorism and crime, Billy Hayes has the misfortune of being caught at the border with a hashish stash. At first sentenced to four years and two months for drug possession, his prison term grows to 30 years when the prosecution?s appeal finds him guilty of smuggling. Pleas from his parents, litigation from his lawyer and actions from the U.S. Embassy amount to nothing. Things get worse when Hayes is sent to a detention center for the mentally unstable after he bites off a warden?s tongue to prevent him from divulging his escape plans. Forced to struggle with daily violence, despair and abuse, he finally reaches his breaking point and is willing to do anything to escape. Knowing that he is on his own, Hayes has one risk left to take: riding his own Midnight Express.


Cast Midnight Express

Brad Davis

Brad Davis

Billy Hayes