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Year: 2018

Original Title: BlacKkKlansman

Country: USA

Length: 135 minutes

Genre: Biography, Comedy, Crime

Studios: Blumhouse Productions, Legendary Pictures

Distributor: Universal Pictures

To be shown only in specially licensed cinemas to adults of not less than 18 years

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: August 24 2018

United States: August 10 2018


Ranking: 118 out of 14,464 movies (up 114)


3.6 by 1 users

8.7 by 3 media


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Based on true events, the film is directed by Spike Lee and tells the story of Ron Stallworth (played by John David Washington), a black police officer who manages to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan in the state of Colorado. In the early seventies, a time of great social upheaval with the ferz fight for the civil rights of black people, Ron Stallworth becomes the first black detective in the Colorado Springs Police Department, but is greeted with skepticism and hostility by superiors and his companions. Without being intimidated, he decides to go ahead and do something for his community carrying out a very dangerous mission: infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan and expose it to the city. They are also part of the cast Adam Driver, Topher Grace and Laura Harrier, among others.


Cast BlacKkKlansman

John David Washington

John David Washington

Ron Stallworth

Adam Driver

Adam Driver

Flip Zimmerman

Topher Grace

Topher Grace

David Duke

Laura Harrier

Laura Harrier

Patrice Dumas

Ryan Eggold

Ryan Eggold

Walter Breachway

Jasper Pääkkönen

Jasper Pääkkönen

Felix Kendrickson



Trivia BlacKkKlansman

Director Spike Lee received a six-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival after the premier of the film. The real Ron Stallworth had originally wanted Denzel Washington play him, but was ecstatic to find out his son got the role.