Love Lies Bleeding

Love Lies Bleeding
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Title: Love Lies Bleeding

Original Title: Love Lies Bleeding

Year: 2024


Release Dates


20 days left

  • UK: May 03 2024
  • United States: March 08 2024


The new thriller from A24 'Love Lies Bleeding', directed by Rose Glass. The plot follows the intense relationship of two women as they immerse themselves in the world of crime in Las Vegas. Lou, a lonely gym manager, played by Kristen Stewart , and Jackie, a young woman who dreams of being a bodybuilder, played by Katy O'Brian .

The film, titled 'Love Lies Bleeding' in its original version, had its world premiere at Sundance and received positive reviews at the Berlin Film Festival. Now it will finally hit movie theaters in Spain thanks to Filmin and Avalon, with a premiere scheduled for April 19, promising a unique cinematographic experience that mixes black comedy, queer crime and drama. family.

With an all-star cast that includes Ed Harris, Dave Franco and Jena Malone, 'Love Lies Bleeding' is presented as a revenge thriller that explores the power of excess, ambition and unbridled love. Both Stewart and Franco praise Glass's direction, noting her ability to create a film that is unique and chilling, yet deeply human.

This Glass's second feature film promises to maintain the same exceptional quality as her successful debut feature 'Saint Maud', also produced by A24. His British psychological horror film was released in 2019, starring Morfydd Clark and Jennifer Ehle, receiving high praise from critics for its direction, atmosphere, performances and score.



Rose Glass Rose Glass


Love Lies Bleeding
Love Lies Bleeding
Love Lies Bleeding
Love Lies Bleeding
Love Lies Bleeding
Love Lies Bleeding
Love Lies Bleeding
Love Lies Bleeding


Long hair extensions

Ed Harris originally wore very long hair extensions as a joke, but the director decided to keep them in the film.


Kristen Stewart and Jena Malone both previously appeared in 'Into the Wild' (2007).

Second Glass with A24

Second feature film directed by Rose Glass. The film is a co-production between Film4 and A24, with the latter being the US distributor for Glass' debut Saint Maud (2019).

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