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Year: 2015
Original Title: Spy
Length: 120 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Action
Studios: 20th Century Fox
Age rating: Suitable only for 15 years and over
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: June 05 2015

United States: May 22 2015


Ranking: 3,064 out of 15,704 movies (up 1610)


6.9 by 23 users

8.0 by Movie'n'co

8.7 by 3 media


In 'Spies' Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is a modest CIA analyst who fails to leave her desk despite being the heroine behind the most dangerous missions. She is the person who spends all day helping the agency spies, that confess they would feel lost without her but, at the same time, do not trust her to be able to handle a mission by herself. Her moment comes when secret agents Bradley (Jude Law) and Rick (Jason Statham) cease to be so secret when their identity is compromised. Cooper volunteers to a mission that required her to infiltrate the environment of an arms dealer (Rose Byrne) to prevent a global disaster itself. 'Spy' is the third collaboration between McCarthy and director Paul after 'Bridesmaids' and 'The Heat'.


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According to Paul Feig, Rayna was originally a 19-year-old, and the character had to be rewritten once Rose Byrne was cast in the role. Paul Feig, the film's writer-director and a producer, wrote, developed, made and directed the picture, because he knew that no one would ever let him ever direct a real James Bond film himself. Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig are neighbors and she first heard about the project over dinner. She subsequently asked to read the script.