World War Z 2

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Title: World War Z 2

Original Title: World War Z 2

Year: 2025



'World War Z 2' is the continuation of 'World War Z', based on the novel by Mark Brooks and directed by Marc Forster, in which Brad Pitt was an ONU investigator who tried to stop a global epidemic that turned people into zombies and that threatened with ended up with the human existence. Pitt threw himself into a race against the clock to save his family and to get answers, and he will join this battle of bullets against zombies, chasing the objective of saving people before they get infected (by bite). In this sequel, Marc Forster will not be the director, so the project is currently directionless. Initially it is going to be Juan Antonio Bayona, the Spanish filmmaker of hits such as 'The Orphanage' and 'Impossible', but eventually left him for incompatibility. Brad Pitt will be the producer and the main actor of the movie, as in the first part. The rest of the cast and the new director are still unknown, but Mireille Enos could repeat as Pitt's wife. The film will hit theaters in the UK on June 9, 2017.



Initially, the film was going to direct JA Bayona, but had to abandon the project due to incompatibility of schedule.

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